Challenge Day 18: Catch-up Day!

Today, we are going to catch-up on the challenges that we have done so far.

Maybe you didn’t write someone a letter, or you didn’t have time to help someone with a project. Today is the day where you can go through the posts to see what you missed. If you are someone who has kept up with the challenges, revisit one of your favorites today! Many of the challenges can be done several times. Do or redo as many of my challenges as you can and spread kindness even further!

Check out the challenges below:

Day 1: Write a letter
Day 2: Sort your clothes
Day 3: Make a meal
Day 4: Make Thank You signs
Day 5: Organize a family video call
Day 6: Make a funny video and share with family
Day 7: Make homemade gifts
Day 8: Leave a note for the mail person
Day 9: Support a small business
Day 10: Donate to a little library
Day 11: Thank a teacher
Day 12: Donate to a Covid-related charity
Day 13: Help someone to achieve a goal
Day 14: Write notes to your neighbors
Day 15: Plan a scavenger hunt
Day 16: Sign-up for a charity event
Day 17: Pick up garbage

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

11 thoughts on “Challenge Day 18: Catch-up Day!

  1. Amazing list! It’s so important to keep busy. Isn’t it strange how we tend to get the least done when we have too much time on your hands?


  2. Things get busy, so it’s great to have a catch up day. I did a few of these things this week and after reading today’s blog, it was fun to reflect back on how many were on your list. Keep up the great work!


  3. This a great reminder of the little things we can do to help others! Thank you for putting this together!


  4. Great list! I think these kind actions are very much needed in the world in general and especially at a time like this.

    Challenge accepted!

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  5. Such a great list and a way to find the positive during a sometimes stressful and ambiguous time. Thanks for sharing these ideas!


  6. Hi Kayla, I’m an old friend of your mom’s but new to your blog and I’m now fully caught up on your wonderful ideas to inspire kindness and connectedness. Thank you for spreading joy during these challenging times and inspiring us all to be our best!


  7. Today is my catch up day for your wonderful posts. I had been locked out of my account for password issues and am now back online. I so enjoy reading each and every one. Thank you so much!


  8. These are such great ideas! I’m going to share this list with my 7-year-old daughter, who will also want to put many of these items into action. Thank you for the inspiration!


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