Help kids in need for the holidays

Hi everyone! I know things are getting harder this holiday season as more people lose their jobs and COVID is spreading faster than ever. Since my school is doing a wonderful fundraiser over the holidays, I thought it would be appropriate to share it with you. This fundraiser that my school is doing is forContinue reading “Help kids in need for the holidays”

New Challenge: Make a Paper Crane

Sometimes, you can change someone’s mood with the simplest gesture. One of my favorites is making a paper crane and leaving it for someone. Have you made a crane before? You can find the instructions here. You can accomplish the same thing with a simple doodle, a funny poem (try a haiku), or a homemadeContinue reading “New Challenge: Make a Paper Crane”

Challenge Day 30: Spread the Kindness

For 30 days, we have gone through an amazing journey of kindness. I have loved knowing that so many people have taken the time to complete the challenges, showing kindness to others. Over the 30 days, people on six continents and in 32 countries checked out my ideas to make our world in quarantine aContinue reading “Challenge Day 30: Spread the Kindness”

Challenge Day 19: Give Someone A Compliment

Something very easy to do during this time is to give someone a compliment. You can notice a sibling’s outfit (if they get out of their PJs), the smell of the bacon that a neighbor is cooking, or about how nice someone has been during the closures. Maybe you noticed something a while ago aboutContinue reading “Challenge Day 19: Give Someone A Compliment”

Challenge Day 18: Catch-up Day!

Today, we are going to catch-up on the challenges that we have done so far. Maybe you didn’t write someone a letter, or you didn’t have time to help someone with a project. Today is the day where you can go through the posts to see what you missed. If you are someone who hasContinue reading “Challenge Day 18: Catch-up Day!”

Challenge Day 11: Thank a teacher

Over the last few weeks, my teachers (and parents) have offered great support. I realize that in addition to their classes, most of my teachers have families or friends who they are responsible for. In addition to juggling responsibilities, it’s challenging for teachers because they have to create materials and programming that everyone can doContinue reading “Challenge Day 11: Thank a teacher”