Kindness in Quarantine

I want to promote kindness, especially while we’re in quarantine.

In April, people around the world
and in my community
took part in a daily kindness challenge.

You can pick any 30-day period to start the challenge or read through to pick your favorites. Start it anytime!

Please join me to make the world a better place.
People in these countries did!

Latest from the Blog

Help kids in need for the holidays

Hi everyone! I know things are getting harder this holiday season as more people lose their jobs and COVID is spreading faster than ever. Since my school is doing a wonderful fundraiser over the holidays, I thought it would be appropriate to share it with you. This fundraiser that my school is doing is for…

Kindness Challenge: Wear a Mask

I want to ask everybody who is reading my blog to please wear a mask. If you do and it isn’t required in your area please also encourage others to wear masks. I want to make sure you keep yourself and others safe during this dangerous time. I understand if you have health reasons to…

New Challenge: Volunteer to help a small business

Special thanks to one of the members of the Girl Scout troop I met with yesterday for this awesome idea! Lots of small businesses are struggling as a result of COVID. Perhaps there’s one in your area that you really like that could use a helping hand. At the same time, you’ll you gain experience.…

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