New Challenge: Volunteer to help a small business

Special thanks to one of the members of the Girl Scout troop I met with yesterday for this awesome idea!

Lots of small businesses are struggling as a result of COVID. Perhaps there’s one in your area that you really like that could use a helping hand. At the same time, you’ll you gain experience.

I am reaching out to a business I like and hopefully I can find some ways to help them. Even more, I’m hoping that my email is encouraging, letting them know that I would like to help and that they make a difference in my community. I will share an update once I hear back from them.

If you are old enough to work, this may be a good opportunity to add to your resume even if you are not getting paid.

I would love to hear about businesses that make a difference in your community.

Published by kksammamish07

I believe that kindness can change the world.

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