New Post: Support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

During this challenging time, it is important to realize that you have the power to combat racism. To support the Black Lives Matter Movement you can donate, read and use the content to educate others, and use what you have learned to make this Earth a more peaceful and accepting place. This is a reallyContinue reading “New Post: Support the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

New Challenge: Support Mike on his Bike

Mike is doing a 3,500 mile bike ride to raise money for cancer. This is his 15th time participating in the Pan Mass Challenge (a bike ride across the state of Massachusetts) and his first time biking the distance of a cross-country ride. I learned about Mike and read more through his blog. He hadContinue reading “New Challenge: Support Mike on his Bike”

Challenge Day 18: Catch-up Day!

Today, we are going to catch-up on the challenges that we have done so far. Maybe you didn’t write someone a letter, or you didn’t have time to help someone with a project. Today is the day where you can go through the posts to see what you missed. If you are someone who hasContinue reading “Challenge Day 18: Catch-up Day!”

Challenge Day 4: Making “thank you” signs

Today we are going to make a sign for the doctors, first responders, or anyone else who you want to recognize for fighting COVID-19. The sign can be as big as you would like. You can hang it up in front of your house or on your balcony to show your support and encourage doctors,Continue reading “Challenge Day 4: Making “thank you” signs”