New Post: Support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

During this challenging time, it is important to realize that you have the power to combat racism. To support the Black Lives Matter Movement you can donate, read and use the content to educate others, and use what you have learned to make this Earth a more peaceful and accepting place.

This is a really important message to all, because you may not even notice racism is happening. It is the small things that are happening to black people that make life harder every day. This could mean being avoided while walking down the street or it can be getting killed by police because you look suspicious. In the Black Lives Matter page it will show you the injustice that is happening right now.

Many ways you can help in your local area are listed in the 75 things people can do to achieve racial justice. This long list will help your local area to solve current racism problems. Even if you and some others work to get even a few items on the list done, it will make life a lot easier for many who cant speak up.

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

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