Challenge Day 1- Write a letter

For the first day of our challenge together, I wanted to start off with something very simple, but meaningful. Today’s challenge is to write a card to someone who is alone. Think of someone who might enjoy a fun note and get writing! You can make a card or find a blank one hanging around the house.

As for who to send it to: I am writing to an older lady I met at our local Starbucks before it was closed. She lives alone and I’m worried that she might be lonely. In my note, I included my phone number so that she can contact me if she wants. You could also send a note to your best friend, your grandparents, cousins, a teacher, or a neighbor.

If you don’t have a stamp, you can ask your parents. In the United States, the USPS is open for business and ships stamps online. Or, you can write a card for someone who lives nearby and leave it on their porch when you’re out for a walk.

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

8 thoughts on “Challenge Day 1- Write a letter

  1. Hey Kayla,
    This is a great blog and I will be sure to send this to all my friends to see. I definitly will partake in the daily challenge!!


  2. Great idea! Also consider electronic options if you can’t get out, e.g. the Swiss postal service offers a free postcard every 24 hours from an app — just upload a picture, add the address and write a message. I sent one to a boy who’s usually at our house every Tuesday for lunch.


  3. What a great idea to start a blog right now. I love that you are writing to someone you are concerned may be lonely – I’m sure your letter will brighten her day. Looking forward to tomorrow’s tip!


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