Challenge Introduction

Hello! I’m Kayla!

Hello, my name is Kayla, and this is my first blog post! In the month of April, I will be blogging a kindness challenge everyday.

I have created this blog for the purpose of sharing ways one can be kind, even in a time of hardships. Over the next 30 days, I would also love to hear your ideas, and to see how you have implemented some of the ideas in your community. I have chosen to blog so that I can spread positvity with others and to celebrate others’ acts.

My biggest goal for the blog is to share ideas that will help you to do kind things for others. All of these ideas are low to no cost and you can do them all while you are in quarantine!

Hopefully you will do these challenges with me and have a great time serving your community.

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

14 thoughts on “Challenge Introduction

  1. Excellent Kayla! A couple of ideas:

    1) Perhaps consolidate some local kindness opportunities during these tough times and list them on the top of your page?

    2) Encourage your readers to perhaps collectively complete one kindness deal a day (are you aware of one simple wish?)

    Great job – looking forward to hearing more from you 😊.


    1. What a wonderful idea, Kayla! Very much needed! I started taking a bit more time at the start of my virtual work meetings to check in with people and see how they are doing and I noticed many others in our company do the same. Even this simple act of connecting on a human level before diving into the meeting makes a difference. Would love to read more about your ideas around daily acts of kindness.


  2. Good job Kayla! My word for 2020 is Kindness and I have been talking about Kindness for a long time and the impact it has on you as a person. My first book this year – A year of living Kindly! Can’t wait to read your blog and contribute!


  3. What a great idea to bring everyone together around kindness! Looking forward to reading your blog and participating.


  4. Kayla – how wonderful! You have a family in Tel Aviv participating 🙂 Noam, Eyal and I miss your positive energy, and we look forward to feeling close to you by participating. Proud of your energy to use this challenging time for GOOD!


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