New Challenge: Send Someone a Gift/Care package

As we get further into quarantine, life at home might be getting more frustrating and lonely for people. Even as things open up, it can be difficult to know where you feel safe and many people remain alone. There is a solution that helps people to feel more of a sense of contact without takingContinue reading “New Challenge: Send Someone a Gift/Care package”

New Challenge: Tell Someone You Care

When things are getting tough, it can be really important to tell someone that they matter and that you care about them. When someone is feeling down or upset, it helps to make them feel loved. The tricky thing is that you can’t always tell how someone is feeling, so why wait? You can call,Continue reading “New Challenge: Tell Someone You Care”

New Challenge: Make a Paper Crane

Sometimes, you can change someone’s mood with the simplest gesture. One of my favorites is making a paper crane and leaving it for someone. Have you made a crane before? You can find the instructions here. You can accomplish the same thing with a simple doodle, a funny poem (try a haiku), or a homemadeContinue reading “New Challenge: Make a Paper Crane”

New Challenge: Support Local Food Banks

Whether you can donate one can or one hundred, food banks need your help. During this economic crisis, many people are struggling without food. At first, many food banks were only accepting money (they couldn’t take food), but some are starting to accept food again. Check first before collecting food (in case your food bankContinue reading “New Challenge: Support Local Food Banks”

New Challenge: Support Mike on his Bike

Mike is doing a 3,500 mile bike ride to raise money for cancer. This is his 15th time participating in the Pan Mass Challenge (a bike ride across the state of Massachusetts) and his first time biking the distance of a cross-country ride. I learned about Mike and read more through his blog. He hadContinue reading “New Challenge: Support Mike on his Bike”

Challenge Day 30: Spread the Kindness

For 30 days, we have gone through an amazing journey of kindness. I have loved knowing that so many people have taken the time to complete the challenges, showing kindness to others. Over the 30 days, people on six continents and in 32 countries checked out my ideas to make our world in quarantine aContinue reading “Challenge Day 30: Spread the Kindness”

Challenge Day 28: Keep Lonely People Connected

One of the people I met because of my blog, Abby, has started an amazing fundraiser to help get iPads to lonely COVID-19 patients. You can read more about her story online or donate to help Abby raise money for the iPads. She believes that no COVID-19 patient should have to wait for connection toContinue reading “Challenge Day 28: Keep Lonely People Connected”

Challenge Day 27: Make “quarantine” cards

If you usually send cards out at a certain time of the year (to mark holidays or events), you can create “quarantine” cards. If you already have a list of people that you send your cards out to, this can be easy AND it gives people something friendly in their mailbox. One option is toContinue reading “Challenge Day 27: Make “quarantine” cards”

Challenge Day 26: Write a Quarantine Parody (to help someone laugh)!

Something that is very popular in my family right now is making up (and singing) parodies to songs in the car or at home with our Alexa. It is extremely fun and everyone in our family ends up laughing. Often, we end up singing over each other, suggesting new lyrics. Your parody can be aboutContinue reading “Challenge Day 26: Write a Quarantine Parody (to help someone laugh)!”