Challenge Day 3: Make a meal

There are two variations on today‚Äôs challenge. One is mostly for kids and one is mostly for adults. Kids:  Today we are going to make a meal at home for your whole family. It can be Kraft mac n’ cheese or something homemade. No matter what you make, it will help to save your parentsContinue reading “Challenge Day 3: Make a meal”

Challenge Day 2: sort & donate your clothes

I am used to being busy, so I am excited to have some extra time. That means I can do things that I intended to do for a while, and help other people at the same time. On day #2, I am going to sort through all of my clothes. I was really surprised atContinue reading “Challenge Day 2: sort & donate your clothes”

Challenge Introduction

Hello, my name is Kayla, and this is my first blog post! In the month of April, I will be blogging a kindness challenge everyday. I have created this blog for the purpose of sharing ways one can be kind, even in a time of hardships. Over the next 30 days, I would also loveContinue reading “Challenge Introduction”