Challenge Day 2: sort & donate your clothes

I am used to being busy, so I am excited to have some extra time. That means I can do things that I intended to do for a while, and help other people at the same time.

On day #2, I am going to sort through all of my clothes. I was really surprised at how many things (1) don’t fit and (2) I don’t wear anymore. To clean up part of my room and organize my clothes, I got a bunch of the extra paper bags that we get from the grocery store now that there are no reusable bags. I put names on the bags for who I could give my clothes to, my cousin, a friend who is much smaller than me, and one of my parents’ colleagues who have young girls. Even my sister found things that she liked and wanted to keep! Even though they were already clean, I put them through the laundry and then put them away. I plan to donate all of these clothes when the corona virus risk subsides.

It is amazing how much easier it is to get my clothes back in the closet and the dresser. There’s more room! And I think other people will enjoy having new things.

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

5 thoughts on “Challenge Day 2: sort & donate your clothes

  1. Great idea. For those who may not have extra clothes to donate, maybe they can put some money aside in an envelope and use it later to buy clothes (even if they are used) for people in shelters. There will be many in need when this is over.


  2. Great work! You could probably do a similar sort through toys and books. Maybe even old electronic devices that can be recycled to charities that can use the technology but don’t need the latest and greatest.


  3. We just moved back into our house after renovations & I have lots of things to go through and give away. I figure if I didn’t miss them while they were in boxes, I probably don’t need them. The only hard part is keeping all the boxes of giveaway things separate from the boxes of “to keep” things. Thanks for another good idea today!


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