Challenge Day 29: The 20-Second Hug

There are a whole lot of studies that have been done about the impact of a 20-second hug. While you can’t hug a stranger, you can hug the people you are quarantined with. It’s simple. Try it, it works!

Published by kksammamish07

I believe that kindness can change the world.

4 thoughts on “Challenge Day 29: The 20-Second Hug

  1. Accompany that hug with words like, “I Love You” or “You are special to me because….”. Sometimes we don’t take the time to say out loud the words that are in our hearts. Smiles are also free and make everyone feel better.


  2. I also say stuff like, “You give the best hugs! Just like your grandma!” It encourages sharing of memories and solidifying traditions — yep, I’m trying to raise another generation of huggers! Also, let folks know if you could use a hug. “I could use a hug right now,” has always worked for me.


  3. That is a very interesting how it helps you feel better. That is very fascinating that if you hug someone for 20 seconds in makes a big impact.


  4. The is very very interesting that you found that. The littlest things can make a big difference in life. P.S. I’m going to try that.


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