Challenge Day 30: Spread the Kindness

For 30 days, we have gone through an amazing journey of kindness. I have loved knowing that so many people have taken the time to complete the challenges, showing kindness to others. Over the 30 days, people on six continents and in 32 countries checked out my ideas to make our world in quarantine a better place.

I encourage you to share the Kindness in Quarantine challenge with people you know and would love to hear your stories about the impact of your actions. I have summarized the list of all challenges to make it easier for people to pick a challenge that appeals to them.

Thank you for going on the journey this month with me. I will continue to post and share new ideas in the weeks ahead.

PS – since I’m still a kid and don’t have social media, I can’t share this on Twitter or Facebook. If you have social media and could share the challenge, it would make my day.

Published by kksammamish07

I believe that kindness can change the world.

12 thoughts on “Challenge Day 30: Spread the Kindness

  1. This is an amazing past because you are sharing what you think. I also have made a blog about Covid-19 to me and it is amazing for me to read yours so i can know that even though I feel like I am by myself everyone is going through this also.


  2. I like how encouraging this is! It really inspires me to be kinder and to really challenge myself to do better. Great Job!


  3. I think that this is something that is super important. It doesn’t take long to do something nice for someone but its a really big deal to them. This is a great idea, good job!


  4. I think Kindness is a very important thing in life. A lot of people in the world go through so many things throughout there daily lives. I think it is cool how this kid who is young did this! It shows to other people how a little bit of kindness can make someone happy in the world.


  5. I think that it’s amazing that you’re so young and making a difference. It’s cool how you can show kindness to everyone.


  6. I think that everybody needs kindness in their life. Also, I think it’s amazing that a kid is making a difference and this shows anybody can.


  7. It’s pretty cool how your using the place were at in this terrible quarantine and using it for something good. Also your doing a good job helping and making a difference every way you can


  8. This is amazing! Thank you for making up these and making alt of people smile. I did a few in quarantine an ie made me feel good!!


  9. There is a kind of beauty that you can’t see or touch. It needs to be felt with heart. This kind of beauty is kindness. You did really well!


  10. You are so warm person I think. I felt you always try to make your kind mid and spread your beauty mind. Looks so great!


  11. You are very warm person. I felt you always try to make your kind mind and spread your beauty mind! Looks so good 🙂


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