New Challenge: Support Mike on his Bike

Mike is doing a 3,500 mile bike ride to raise money for cancer. This is his 15th time participating in the Pan Mass Challenge (a bike ride across the state of Massachusetts) and his first time biking the distance of a cross-country ride.

I learned about Mike and read more through his blog. He had been planning to ride across the entire country until COVID-19. But, he didn’t give up. Instead, he is biking every day and then returning home, still covering the country-wide distance.

You can read more about Mike’s ride here. He is also looking for more people to donate to reach his goal of $25,000.

Would you like me to share a fundraiser or kindness project you’re working on while we’re in quarantine? Please share it in the comments and if it’s a fundraiser, please include a link.

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10 thoughts on “New Challenge: Support Mike on his Bike

  1. I think It is great that mike is doing a bike ride to raise awareness for cancer. mike definitely sounds and acts like a good person. and he also didn’t give up because COVID-19 wrecked his plan it didn’t stop him.

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  2. I love how mike didn’t give up. It’s hard when fun things are coming up and then they have to get canceled, something that really stuck out to me was “Didn’t give u.” That is hard to say sometimes. I think Mike can be a great person that can keep you positive and definitely didn’t give up. Good Job Mike. Keep up the great work.


  3. I think that it’s amazing that Mike didn’t give up on his dream even with Coronavirus. I hope that he can bike across America.


  4. it’s amazing how you are trying to ride 3,500 miles on a bike. I hope you have a good bike ride, I can’t even ride a bike 3 miles.


  5. I respect Mike for what he has done because I think he has made good plans to stay safe and away from the virus.
    Even though he is riding close to home he is still raising money for cancer.


  6. Wow, Mike is amazing! That is awesome that he is sticking with the challenge even though he has to do it in a different way than he thought he would.


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