New Challenge: Support Local Food Banks

Whether you can donate one can or one hundred, food banks need your help. During this economic crisis, many people are struggling without food. At first, many food banks were only accepting money (they couldn’t take food), but some are starting to accept food again.

Check first before collecting food (in case your food bank cannot accept it yet). If they can, consider sharing a note with your neighbors to see if they have any extra in their kitchen that they could share. You could leave a bag or box on your front porch to collect food to keep socially distant.

If your local food bank can still only collect money, consider having a donation box out front or offering to help your parents, friends, or neighbors with a chore that can be done at a distance to make money that you can donate.

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

8 thoughts on “New Challenge: Support Local Food Banks

  1. Yesterday’s challenge was great when it suggested that even the donation of one can of food goods could help. Not everyone can donate 50 or 100 cans as they themselves are busy trying to feed their own families as they too have lost jobs etc. However, they want to be part of the process that makes a difference and this gave them an opportunity to do that. We all care, but maybe we don’t all have the same means to share our caring. Thanks for opening the door to many with the food drive challenge.


  2. I think that is it is so awesome that you want to help local food banks. I have helped out before as well. It’s a great experience.


  3. Our supermarkets all have food bank donation containers, so you can leave something when you leave the shop. Nice for the supermarkets because it means extra sales, but it means that the food banks benefit!


  4. I think this is very good. Everyone can share it within their own ability. Thanks for donating, it can make the world warmer. Gave them hope for a better life


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