Challenge Day 11: Thank a teacher

Over the last few weeks, my teachers (and parents) have offered great support. I realize that in addition to their classes, most of my teachers have families or friends who they are responsible for.

In addition to juggling responsibilities, it’s challenging for teachers because they have to create materials and programming that everyone can do at home. They have been learning new technology and helping many of us to figure out the technology too.

This week, they announced that in-school instruction in my state is cancelled for the remainder of the school year. When the cancellation was announced, many of my teachers sent notes about their disappointment and many of them mentioned having a good cry. Their honesty helped me to deal with my feelings and concerns and I appreciated how many of them encouraged us to share our questions.

Today, I would like to encourage everyone to reach out and thank a teacher. If you’re in school now, you can email or message your teacher(s) using whatever platform you have. If you’re no longer in school, this could be a great day to find a teacher who had an impact on you and thank them.

I would love to hear about a teacher who impacted you.

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

One thought on “Challenge Day 11: Thank a teacher

  1. I contacted my favourite teacher today. We have known each other for 55 years. She always had time to listen and never judged harshly. She was fair, strong-willed, a talented lady…a feminist in the best possible way long before her time. She didn’t get pushed around, nor did she push around. She was big on respect and kindness. I hope I have made her proud.


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