Challenge Day 12: Donate to a charity that supports COVID-19 relief

There are many people working on COVID-19 relief efforts, but they need funding for their work. Some places that need donations are food banks, Covid-19 researchers, and large organizations that are helping people around the world. There are also organizations that are trying to provide treatment for the disease. If you are in a position to donate, anything helps. Below are some places that need funding now.

Food Banks:
On the news this week I hear that 30% of Americans didn’t pay their rent this month. It made me realize how much people are struggling because they don’t have work. One of the things that could be most helpful this week is contributing to food banks. Given that we are in stay home / stay safe mode in WA (and in many others places), many foodbanks are asking more for donations of money rather than food. If you have saved some money, consider donating it to a food bank.
Local (Sammamish/Issaquah, WA):
To find food banks nationally:
To find food banks in Canada:
To find food banks in Australia:

There are a number of organizations that are working to find vaccines or other treatments for Coronavirus. They include:
Fred Hutch: has information about Coronavirus AND a chance to donate:
John’s Hopkins research:

Global Support:
There are so many children and families around the world that need help. Below are two of the organizations that are known for helping kids and their families.
World Health Organization:

Treating the disease:
Red Cross, Blood Plasma Donations:

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Day 12: Donate to a charity that supports COVID-19 relief

  1. Thanks for all of the links, Kayla. They are all great organizations. I went with the Feed America food bank and the plasma donation! Earlier I also contributed to feed the animals at the L.A. Zoo. Keep up all the good work you are doing with this blog.


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