Challenge Day 13: Help someone to achieve a goal

I heard about some joking memes after the first week of quarantine that the reason that people don’t get cleaning / projects done at home has nothing to do with time (since many people have a lot of it and projects aren’t getting done!

Today, I would love to challenge you to help someone out with a project. If you’re young, you can ask your parents about something they’ve been intending to do. If you’re an adult living with a roommate, you can ask them about a goal they have been try to tackle. Sometimes it’s big things like cleaning up a large, cluttered space. Other times, it could be a daily exercise goal that someone has simply not achieved before.

It turns out that it’s almost always easier to do things with help.

If someone in your family has a project or goal they want to achieve, you can support them by working with them to achieve that goal. Ask them what it is at the beginning of the day, plan a time when two or more of you can work on it together. Take a picture before you start and one again at the end. Did you get it done? Or make good progress? How did it feel? Was the exercise rewarding?

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

2 thoughts on “Challenge Day 13: Help someone to achieve a goal

  1. Our kids still have two weeks of at-home vacation and I’m hoping they’ll take on the challenge of selling off all the declared, weeded out clutter that’s sitting in the basement!

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