Challenge Day 14: Write notes for neighbors

Today we are going to give some people what they need, positivity. You can write or type a positive note to give out to all your neighbors. It can just be some thing like, “We got this!”

There are a number of different ways you could leave the message: a note, paint it on rocks, or even through a neighborhood email list or for those who are old enough, Facebook posts in your community. This is an activity that is perfect for little kids too – they can draw a picture and you can drop it off for a neighbor. Sometimes the youngest artists are the most uplifting!

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

6 thoughts on “Challenge Day 14: Write notes for neighbors

  1. Today a neighbour, who’s wife is in a nursing home, celebrated his 85th birthday. We sent out notes to the 8 houses on each side of his. Some of these neighbours are new so didn’t even know the man. We asked everyone to gather with balloons, birthday greetings etc. And to sing Happy Birthday. It was so great. EVERYONE SHOWED UP. NOT ONLY WAS HE THRILLED, BUT IT GAVE OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD A MUCH NEEDED SENSE OF COMMUNITY.

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