Challenge Day 6: Make a funny video to share with family

During this tough time, a funny video can brighten someone’s day.

Yesterday when I was feeling down, my mom showed me a Virtual Dance Party video from the Nooyen/Lester family and I immediately felt better. It is my inspiration for this post!

While laughter is always good medicine (according to the Mayo Clinic), during this time, it is even more important to laugh! Even if your video makes you cringe, it can brighten someone else’s day. One idea is to dress up in a funny costume and dance. My grandparents wore bright green wigs in a video last week and I was laughing so hard that my face hurt!

If you are age 13+ consider sharing the video online with friends or family. It will help them to laugh too! If you post the video, use #kindness-in-quaratine to make it easier to find!

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

3 thoughts on “Challenge Day 6: Make a funny video to share with family

  1. Not only does the dance video make others laugh, but as grand-parents we looked up today’s current music trends to let the grandkids know they are important. I think sometimes you may surprise yourself and laugh even more making the video than those who watch it. It doesn’t matter, it is just fun. For those older folks looking for a new song to dance to, try Dance Monkey.


  2. I love that your grandparents wore green wigs! That would have made me laugh, too. And I like that you linked to the Mayo Clinic – impressive! I’m pretty sure my children will NOT make a funny video… but maybe I should do one anyway.


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