Challenge Day 16: Sign up for a charity fundraising event

One of the most fun and memorable things that I do every year is take part in Obliteride, a fundraiser for Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center based here in Seattle. The event includes options for bike rides and for 5km walks. It has been a lot of fun.

While you’re at home, you can still plan to take part in an event later this year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to join Obliteride with a whole team this summer – if not, I’m sure there will be creative ways to take part.

Many non-profit organizations taking a huge hit this year because they can no longer organize large scale events and some have lost corporate partners. Many places need funding to do critical research for other health issues like cancer, heart disease, MS, diabetes and hundreds of other causes.

You can help by signing up for a fundraising event in your community because even if the situation continues, you can still raise money. If you have time, you can reach out to other people to join your team.

In my case, I am excited to still join the Obliteride fundraiser that supports Fred Hutch’s lifesaving cancer research. If you would be interested in participating in Obliteride, I would love if you joined my team and if you can’t, I would love it if you donate to help me build some momentum!

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