Challenge Day 17: Pick up garbage

Today’s challenge can be done inside of your house or apartment if things have gotten messy or outside in the neighborhood. Look to find 5-10 things that need to go in the garbage or recycling.

If you’re picking up things at home, you don’t need gloves, just find things that need to be thrown out. If you don’t have things that need to be thrown out, you could clear any of the garbage cans in the house and take them outside.

Given how many things arrive in packages these days, you could also consider breaking down boxes for recycling. My grandpa is especially good at getting ALL of the cardboard into the recycling bin in a super organized way.

If you’re going outside, make sure that you use gloves and a tool (like the one pictured) to pick up trash. While there is much less garbage outside right now, it is still super helpful to pick things up from the curb/sidewalk rather than let it go down drains.

A special thanks to the people who joined my Obliteride team via yesterday’s blog or who donated.

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