Challenge Day 9: Support a small business you care about

Whether it is getting takeout for dinner, purchasing products online, exploring new services, or simply making a donation to your favorite local company, small businesses could use some help. I didn’t realize that small businesses create almost 45% of the US Economy. Every night on the news they talk about companies needing loans or help. There are lots of ways that we can make a difference.

Options for meals

Some great local food options we’ve enjoyed include LaCasita, Tanoor, Rocky’s Empanadas, Pine Lake Pizza and Sammamish Café (now taking orders for pies), and there are so many more great places. What are your favorites locally? Are restaurants still open for takeout where you live?

Order products from small businesses

Here in Seattle, there is a great coffee company called Caffe Ladro that has been selling coffee with some of the proceeds going to medical workers. Chukar Cherries is still selling online (they are my Aunt’s favorite)! Even local neighborhood shops may be creating packages that can be mailed if their store is closed. I have being doing chores to save some money for my dad’s birthday and am trying to figure out what I will buy from a small business. What small businesses are important to you?

Look for new services

To burn off that eating, I’ve done Virtual Classes with Heather (fun ZUMBA classes run by a friend of my parents). While I’ve done lots of other types of exercise, this one sure had me laughing (and sore later in the day)!

I hope that all of the small businesses can make it through this time.

Small Business

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

6 thoughts on “Challenge Day 9: Support a small business you care about

  1. Ordering food is a win-win proposition: Nobody in the house has to cook and it supports local businesses. Our pizza delivery guy said their orders were down overall when he dropped our pizzas off, so even the traditional local delivery services are taking a hit.

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  2. Re yesterday’s challenge. I watched from the window as the postman picked up his letter with a big smile on his face. Nice to see it worked to cheer him. Such a little gesture that took such a small amount of time to have a big impact.

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  3. Supporting local eateries is such a good idea. There is not a business out there that is not hurting. In my community, there are a ton of restaurants across cultures: Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Thai, French along with some great American burgers and pizzas. Every order helps! And, as for burning off those calories, I work with my trainer on FaceTime, but there are tons of videos out there that will get you moving! Kayla, you are amazing and doing an outstanding job. Your ideas and creativity are to be applauded. Be proud of yourself!


  4. Kayla,
    What a great blog post and thank you so much for mentioning the Sammamish Cafe and our pies! Small business will survive but only because of people like you who know how much it means to have a strong community and to take care of each other. Please keep writing and inspiring people to be kind, we need it!

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  5. Wow! Thank you so much for the shout out. Your support for us and other local small businesses is incredible. We are so honored to serve this community. Your kindness is an example I think we can also learn from and aspire to.


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