Challenge Day 19: Give Someone A Compliment

Something very easy to do during this time is to give someone a compliment. You can notice a sibling’s outfit (if they get out of their PJs), the smell of the bacon that a neighbor is cooking, or about how nice someone has been during the closures. Maybe you noticed something a while ago aboutContinue reading “Challenge Day 19: Give Someone A Compliment”

Challenge Day 18: Catch-up Day!

Today, we are going to catch-up on the challenges that we have done so far. Maybe you didn’t write someone a letter, or you didn’t have time to help someone with a project. Today is the day where you can go through the posts to see what you missed. If you are someone who hasContinue reading “Challenge Day 18: Catch-up Day!”

Challenge Day 17: Pick up garbage

Today’s challenge can be done inside of your house or apartment if things have gotten messy or outside in the neighborhood. Look to find 5-10 things that need to go in the garbage or recycling. If you’re picking up things at home, you don’t need gloves, just find things that need to be thrown out.Continue reading “Challenge Day 17: Pick up garbage”

Challenge Day 16: Sign up for a charity fundraising event

One of the most fun and memorable things that I do every year is take part in Obliteride, a fundraiser for Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center based here in Seattle. The event includes options for bike rides and for 5km walks. It has been a lot of fun. While you’re at home, you can stillContinue reading “Challenge Day 16: Sign up for a charity fundraising event”

Challenge Day 15: Plan an in-house scavenger hunt for someone else

Today you can make an in-home scavenger hunt (or in the backyard) for someone else in your house. All you have to do is make a list of things to find in different rooms. Then, dig though your house to find the objects on the list (and while doing so, you can clean!). If youContinue reading “Challenge Day 15: Plan an in-house scavenger hunt for someone else”

Challenge Day 14: Write notes for neighbors

Today we are going to give some people what they need, positivity. You can write or type a positive note to give out to all your neighbors. It can just be some thing like, “We got this!” There are a number of different ways you could leave the message: a note, paint it on rocks,Continue reading “Challenge Day 14: Write notes for neighbors”

Challenge Day 13: Help someone to achieve a goal

I heard about some joking memes after the first week of quarantine that the reason that people don’t get cleaning / projects done at home has nothing to do with time (since many people have a lot of it and projects aren’t getting done! Today, I would love to challenge you to help someone outContinue reading “Challenge Day 13: Help someone to achieve a goal”

Challenge Day 12: Donate to a charity that supports COVID-19 relief

There are many people working on COVID-19 relief efforts, but they need funding for their work. Some places that need donations are food banks, Covid-19 researchers, and large organizations that are helping people around the world. There are also organizations that are trying to provide treatment for the disease. If you are in a positionContinue reading “Challenge Day 12: Donate to a charity that supports COVID-19 relief”

Challenge Day 11: Thank a teacher

Over the last few weeks, my teachers (and parents) have offered great support. I realize that in addition to their classes, most of my teachers have families or friends who they are responsible for. In addition to juggling responsibilities, it’s challenging for teachers because they have to create materials and programming that everyone can doContinue reading “Challenge Day 11: Thank a teacher”

Challenge Day 10: Donate books to the Little Free Library

Are there books you have outgrown? Books you don’t read? The perfect way to clear out your clutter and to help others is to give your unwanted books to the Little Free Library. Pictured above is my friend Kate’s Little Free Library in Jersey City. There is one close to my house here in SammamishContinue reading “Challenge Day 10: Donate books to the Little Free Library”