Challenge Day 28: Keep Lonely People Connected

One of the people I met because of my blog, Abby, has started an amazing fundraiser to help get iPads to lonely COVID-19 patients. You can read more about her story online or donate to help Abby raise money for the iPads. She believes that no COVID-19 patient should have to wait for connection toContinue reading “Challenge Day 28: Keep Lonely People Connected”

Challenge Day 27: Make “quarantine” cards

If you usually send cards out at a certain time of the year (to mark holidays or events), you can create “quarantine” cards. If you already have a list of people that you send your cards out to, this can be easy AND it gives people something friendly in their mailbox. One option is toContinue reading “Challenge Day 27: Make “quarantine” cards”

Challenge Day 26: Write a Quarantine Parody (to help someone laugh)!

Something that is very popular in my family right now is making up (and singing) parodies to songs in the car or at home with our Alexa. It is extremely fun and everyone in our family ends up laughing. Often, we end up singing over each other, suggesting new lyrics. Your parody can be aboutContinue reading “Challenge Day 26: Write a Quarantine Parody (to help someone laugh)!”

Challenge Day 25: Support 18 Million Thanks

Today, I wanted to share a suggestion to support the 18 Million Thanks campaign to thank healthcare workers. What’s great is that it doesn’t need money, only a card, a stamp, and an address. If you do have money, the campaign is also helping artists who make cards for a living. Also, you can buyContinue reading “Challenge Day 25: Support 18 Million Thanks”

Challenge Day 24: Help with a “quarantine project”

There are so many new “needs” these days. Since salons aren’t open, I thought it would be a great way to serve others by doing a project that is needed in quarantine. You can trim someone’s hair, offer to give them a pedicure, or give someone a massage. Yesterday, I tried coloring my mom’s hairContinue reading “Challenge Day 24: Help with a “quarantine project””

Challenge Day 23: Continue Earth Day

To clean the planet, we need to celebrate Earth Day every day. Scientists have said that global warming could increase average temperatures eight degrees by the year 2100 if we do not make changes and that would have huge consequences. To continue Earth Day celebrations you can: Ride a bike Use less water in yourContinue reading “Challenge Day 23: Continue Earth Day”

Challenge Day 22: Be Kind To Yourself Day

Today you should treat yourself! Whether it is ordering takeout food, going for a long walk if the weather is nice, playing a game, planning an in-home spa afternoon, watching a couple of TV shows, or just resting. If you still have work or school to do, you can still take even a half anContinue reading “Challenge Day 22: Be Kind To Yourself Day”

Challenge Day 21: Give Someone A Balloon

I still remember when we gave my cousin a balloon on his second birthday. We gave him other gifts too, but all he wanted to play with ALL DAY was the balloon! There is something truly joyful about balloons – they are an easy way to make someone’s day. The fun colors and satisfying bounceContinue reading “Challenge Day 21: Give Someone A Balloon”

Challenge Day 20: Recognize a Graduate

Anytime that I feel sad about missing out on school, I realize how much harder this would be for any graduating class. The eighth graders at my school will be missing graduation, the Disney Trip (for music), and many other milestones. The high school seniors are missing prom and graduation, among many other once-in-a-lifetime events.Continue reading “Challenge Day 20: Recognize a Graduate”