Challenge Day 20: Recognize a Graduate

Anytime that I feel sad about missing out on school, I realize how much harder this would be for any graduating class. The eighth graders at my school will be missing graduation, the Disney Trip (for music), and many other milestones. The high school seniors are missing prom and graduation, among many other once-in-a-lifetime events.

This weekend, signs started to go up around our neighborhood recognizing the senior class at our local public high school and some of the other schools nearby too. Maybe you have seen the same thing in your neighborhood. Or maybe you know people who are graduating from middle school, high school, college, or maybe even graduate programs.

Today’s challenge is to do something nice for someone you know who’s graduating. The team at Some Good News (SGN) put on a prom for seniors this weekend. We are going to find graduation balloons to put up on the signs in our neighborhood for the kids who are graduating and are making cards to recognize that even thought it’s different, it’s still a big deal.

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I believe that kindness can change the world.

4 thoughts on “Challenge Day 20: Recognize a Graduate

    1. Pressed enter too soon! I was going to add, I hope once this is all over students will have another chance to celebrate these events, even if a few months later than initially planned.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. We have a student just across the street who is graduating high school this year. I am sure she would appreciate knowing someone understands how she must feel at the prospect of no graduation or prom. Good job.


  2. This is a lovely idea. It must be so hard for all the students who are graduating – no senior week activities or proms or senior “skip class” day. I know several who are graduating. Consider this done.


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