Challenge Day 9: Support a small business you care about

Whether it is getting takeout for dinner, purchasing products online, exploring new services, or simply making a donation to your favorite local company, small businesses could use some help. I didn’t realize that small businesses create almost 45% of the US Economy. Every night on the news they talk about companies needing loans or help.Continue reading “Challenge Day 9: Support a small business you care about”

Challenge Day 8: Leave a note for the mail person

Today’s challenge is to write a note for the mail delivery person that is bright and noticeable and tape it to the front of your mailbox. The mail carriers are working really hard and they are doing a dangerous job to help you stay in touch with others. If you want, you can even includeContinue reading “Challenge Day 8: Leave a note for the mail person”

Challenge Day 7: Make Homemade Gifts

It is time to get creative! Today we are going to make gifts. You can make a simple gift for a neighbor, a friend, or even someone in your family. The gift can be as big or as small as you like, but no matter what the size, it will be extremely meaningful. We haveContinue reading “Challenge Day 7: Make Homemade Gifts”

Challenge Day 6: Make a funny video to share with family

During this tough time, a funny video can brighten someone’s day. Yesterday when I was feeling down, my mom showed me a Virtual Dance Party video from the Nooyen/Lester family and I immediately felt better. It is my inspiration for this post! While laughter is always good medicine (according to the Mayo Clinic), during thisContinue reading “Challenge Day 6: Make a funny video to share with family”

Challenge Day 5: Organize a family video call

There are so many ways to get in touch with people these days! You can organize a video call on Facetime, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Duo, or any other video chatting program. Since you may not have seen your extended families in a while, there is likely to be a lot of chatting. Some peopleContinue reading “Challenge Day 5: Organize a family video call”

Challenge Day 4: Making “thank you” signs

Today we are going to make a sign for the doctors, first responders, or anyone else who you want to recognize for fighting COVID-19. The sign can be as big as you would like. You can hang it up in front of your house or on your balcony to show your support and encourage doctors,Continue reading “Challenge Day 4: Making “thank you” signs”

Challenge Day 3: Make a meal

There are two variations on today’s challenge. One is mostly for kids and one is mostly for adults. Kids:  Today we are going to make a meal at home for your whole family. It can be Kraft mac n’ cheese or something homemade. No matter what you make, it will help to save your parentsContinue reading “Challenge Day 3: Make a meal”

Challenge Day 2: sort & donate your clothes

I am used to being busy, so I am excited to have some extra time. That means I can do things that I intended to do for a while, and help other people at the same time. On day #2, I am going to sort through all of my clothes. I was really surprised atContinue reading “Challenge Day 2: sort & donate your clothes”

Challenge Introduction

Hello, my name is Kayla, and this is my first blog post! In the month of April, I will be blogging a kindness challenge everyday. I have created this blog for the purpose of sharing ways one can be kind, even in a time of hardships. Over the next 30 days, I would also loveContinue reading “Challenge Introduction”