Challenge Day 24: Help with a “quarantine project”

There are so many new “needs” these days. Since salons aren’t open, I thought it would be a great way to serve others by doing a project that is needed in quarantine. You can trim someone’s hair, offer to give them a pedicure, or give someone a massage. Yesterday, I tried coloring my mom’s hair for the first time – we had a lot of fun (and my mom thought it turned our pretty well.

There are so many new things to do around a house. Since we are all home more, there is more of a mess. You can surprise someone else in your home today by cleaning up one area really well!

Published by kksammamish07

I believe that kindness can change the world.

One thought on “Challenge Day 24: Help with a “quarantine project”

  1. I am trimming grandpa’s hair today, but I don’t think I want him to reciprocate and actually I don’t think he wants to. It would be a belated April’s Fool joke if he did….we’ll keep you posted if anything changes.


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